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Whodunnit Awareness Test

Murder! The latest in the series of TFL Awareness Test campaigns features a Cluedo – esque Whodunnit mystery. Featuring a trench-coat wearing detective interviewing a line-up of suspects for the murder of Lord Smithe. As he goes around the room questioning each person he then names the killer! However this is a merely an act of distraction as he then shows that 21 things have been changed in the room as the filming has taken place. Paintings, props, rugs and even the murder victim are switched as they then show a ‘behind the scenes’ shot of the crew moving the set about during the filming.

Moonwalking Bear Awareness Test

This test is often known as the Moonwalking bear test to some – and to others as the Basketball test. We gave this another page just in-case it spoilt the effect to people who have never see the test before. If you watch it carefully (and don’t count the number of basketball passes by the players) you will definitely spot the moonwalking bear. As an awareness test it does a great job of highlighting the issue with drivers having awareness for cyclists.

Basketball Awareness Test

The original awareness test featuring two teams of basketball players with the voice over asking you to count the number of passes made. What most people don’t notice because they are carefully counting the passes is the moonwalking bear that moves through the scene.

The voiceover then askes if you spotted the moonwalking bear and replays the clip. It is to highlight how your attention can be distracted and is part of a TFL (Transport for London) viral campaign for cyclist awareness by motorists.

Most people feel really pleased that they got the answer 13 for the number of passes and then slightly bemused by the moonwalking bear reference. Most require a couple of views just to make sure they are not going mad!

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Cyclist Awareness Test

The final test in the series, the detective from the Whodunnit clip asks you to look at two pictures of a cyclist riding through London. He asks you to spot the difference between the two pictures – it turns out (quite obviously) that the statue in the background is missing. Not the most difficult awareness test out the three (we still think the Moonwalking Bear test is still the best!

Phone Joke Awareness Test

Continuing on from the Whodunnit Awareness Test as well as the Basketball Moonwalking Bear test comes the Phone Joke. Featuring two people on the phone telling each other jokes, the test then asks you to spot any changes in each of their scenes. It turns out on reveal, that pretty much everything on both their desks are removed as you are concentrating on what they are say and their body positions. Very funny it continues the message around cycle awareness.